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HERE TWO WORDS ARE IMOPRTANT. 'SRI' and 'DOCTOR' - 'Sri' means beauty.A discipline is found everywhere in nature and in The universe. That is 'Sri'. In India before every name we use Sri as a prefix . For the divine personality we use Sri Sri. Therefore by saying'Sri Doctor' i like to mean -A doctor is not the complete sense of myself as an individual. Rather with this'Sri' it becomes complete. And with my medical aptitude i use this universal angle of 'SRI' for the peoples and society. Where many aspects will encompass. Including writings, books, blogs, philosophical thoughts, arts , creation, innovation and commercial section. In the concepts of my medicity. Also, i am trying to use this concept with an integral health and medicine.


1.I like to work with the elements of Indian yoga .Specially on it's basis of physical science, [it's electrical and potential changes of atmosphere, base; transformation from one to another energy, physiological aspects,& chemical changes.] All scientific persons are cordially requested to come forwards to work together. Please share yours ideas, suggestions & helps.

2.I am also finding that in rural India besides allopathic system indigenous medical systems are equally popular to the public & cheaper. Indian medical system have different streams which are sometimes contradictory to each other. The co-ordination in scientific way among these medical streams is also my another aim.

3.To form an 'International Multicultural Heath Village' which will be nourished by the Sri Ramakrishnian Philosophy and an Oriental Outlook. This Sihar-Joyrambati will be the ideal place for that in future.Sihar Banion is an organization which is invloved since 2007 to build this Project through Regualr Yogam, Sabanam, Dhyanam, Ayurveduc Plants, Holistic Plants, Holistic Medicne, Empowerment of the women and poors, Health Services, Training of the Physically and Mentally Disables etc.I cordially invite to all interested party, group or people to come here and join with us through Physical,Mental social and economical helps..,

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