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Psychological Counseling: Rs. 750, Autism Clinic: Rs. 1500

This is a very important part of child management now a days. Autism Screening Except Kolkata this Autism screening is not available everywhere. With this screen we can early diagnose the Autistic child. Psychological Counseling now a day heavy schedule of study is creating pressure on child brain. So counseling is very important. We are also giving space for IQ test. Memory test, Carrier Guide, Job Guide, Psychotherapy also. We also perform personality test,Light and sound therapy, Balancing therapy, Play Therapy, Hypnotherapy.

Physical Medicine. Rs. 700

Those children are suffering from Cerebral Palsy, difficulty in walking, Hypotonia and proper guidance with or without appliances are given here.

Speech Therapy. Rs. 500

Stammering or Different Articulation are corrected with training hare.

Dental. Rs. 500

Pedontics is getting interest. Malalingment are corrected. carries teeth , Filling tooth ,pulpitis all are treated here.

Adolescent Clinic. Rs. 350

Adolescent age [from 12 to 23 years ]is very crucial for life for both Girls and Boys. There ate many problem from delayed of early sexual development, acne, Dizziness neck pain ,etc there are many issues we deal here.

Yoga Clinic. Rs.700

Yoga is a part of our integrated child care approach. We use it in Cerebral Palsy, Obesity, Asthma, Short height and for physical welbeing of a child.

Physiotherapy. rs. 500

Physiotherapy Clinic runs for the proper management of Cerebral Palsy, Neurological disorders and muscle weakness.

NOTE: Allergy and Asthma, Phimosis, Hernia, Hydrocele, Growth and Nutrition, VITILIGO, MIGRAINE and Difficult undiagnosed cases are treated with excellency.

Organiser: Director: Dr Rajatsubhra Mukhopadhyay MD. Partner: Sri Rakhi Mukhopadhyay.