Sri Samsar Yoga

Sri Samsar Yoga

SriYoga Theories[Unification of the Universal phenomena and INDIAN or BHARATIYA Philosophy in Yogic and Scientific View.]

1.The law of symmetry & asymmetry.

2.Law Of Equivalency

3.Fourth Dimension Of Truth(Sibsadhan's Sutram).

4.Saptarsi Kal(Sibsadhan's).

5.Tri Chakra Sutra.

6.Yaso Lokos.

7.The concept of healing .

8.Mass-Energy unity and the consciousness.'MASS=ENERGY=SOUL COMPLEX' or 'M=E=S COMPLEX' COONCEPT.

9. The concept of SRI/shree.

10. The vibration, sound, rhythm, heat and fire.

11. The Electro-Magnetic wave and THE SOM of The VEDA.

12.Anondo- Sutram.

13. Kolpo- Brikhasam.

14. Steps of creation of The Heaven.